About Us

I decided to gather as much info on the Jaycopter as possible as I think I am the last one alive who knows anything much about it. So hopefully this site will evolve as I gather more info. I am almost 70 years old as of this writing and I have progressive health problems.

I grew up with the body only of the first Jaycopter ever built in my dad’s (Leo Jacobs) garage. I was allowed to sit in it and operate the controls (although somewhat limited), I had great fun. This was a life changing event for me and I grow up loving helicopters. I worked for Jaycopters back about 1967 or 68 building Minicopters and then later we built two more (modern at the time) trainers. I always dreamed of flying a real helicopter and because of all of this (my second bride and I) moved to an acreage in Sherwood Park, added a hanger onto my house and built a Rotorway Exec 90 from a kit and then an Exec 162 in about 2011. Thanks to the Jaycopter training, I had no trouble learning to fly the real thing.

Unfortunately, I have recently failed my medical (because of my disease) for my pilot’s license and can no longer fly but it was fun while it lasted.

Dan Jacobs

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